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Process & Criteria

We have a proven formula and a winning strategy

We invest in early-stage, growth focused companies that are technology-enabled with demonstrated recurring revenue, market acceptance and a defensible market position.  We seek to provide early seed investment using a hands-on approach to reduce risk through our experience, network, and long-term vision.  

Revenue generating

We only invest in companies with a track record for generating high margin recurring revenue.

Proven leadership

We invest in teams as much as we invest in companies, how does your team stand out?

Product market fit

You've made a few customers really happy and are looking for repeatability rocket fuel.

Large opportunity

There is significant proven market desire for your solution and you can solve the pain at scale.

IP development

You have an articulated IP strategy, competitive opportunity, and the ability to protect your position.

Future liquidity

We can't predict the future but we want to have a common goal in mind at the outset. 

Sector alignment

You operate in a vertical where we have identifiable strength and ability to add value.

Clear purpose

You have market expertise, you're able to see the forest for the trees and execute on your plans.

Desire to learn

You understand the value in having a deep bench of advisors and supporters to help fill in the gaps.

Application Process

Create company profile

We use Venture360 to manage our fund and application process. You must complete all fields on your company profile. Please review to Venture360 Terms & Conditions.

Financial snapshot

Please complete the 6 fields in the financial snapshot on your Venture360 company profile.

Upload pitch deck

Please upload your pitch deck to your Venture360 company profile.

Submit application

Finally, you'll be asked to submit the application to pitch. All companies will be notified.

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